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Friday, 27 May 2011

DBZ vs. Sailor Moon

So,my misses and I have this bet, I will finish Dragon Ball Z before she finishes Sailor Moon. DBZ is 276 episodes long (TV version) and Sailor Moon is 200 episodes long. All about 20 minutes long. She has been watching about 2 episodes a day for about two months and I've been watching DBZ for about 3 weeks taking huge chunks out of it at a time. She is up to episode 120 and I am up to 116.

I will keep this updated with who is in front.

Feel free to give your support and do the maths. I hope signs point to my vitory :D


  1. Im pulling for you to win so had better!

  2. haha looks awesome! :D

  3. you guys should make it interesting,
    the winner should get a prize ;)