And the internet was never the same....

Sunday, 10 April 2011

What to do today?

I need to find something to amuse me when I have nothing to do, like today. I think I might do a quiz kind of thing.

1. What is the maximum characters Linux supports in its filenames?
2. What is 10100110? (Decimal, Hex and Octal)
3. How many bits are in a megabit?
4. Which Linux command sets a file's permission?
5. Which year was Microsoft Windows XP released?
6. In Perl, what does a scalar variable always begin with?

That will be it, good luck :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Doctor P - Tetris

Doctor P's Tetris Remix just released.

I'm not saying buy it but it's on iTunes.

Never sign up to a private tracker

22 days at the moment. 6 days until updates and a reboot.
If you ever get invited to a private tracker, make sure you have a seedbox or something so you don't kill your computer, I've been seeding some torrents for nearly 200 days. My computers been turned off about 10 times in the past 8 months. Not fun.


Thank god it's finally Friday, i needed this rest. Big week!

Also, can't wait until Sunday, Youthfest

Going to be great. I have a few friends that are playing so come down and give support.